[misc] ****** Stolen Hyperion Serial 00123 ******

isis@utzoo.UUCP (Bill McLean) (08/30/84)

I stepped out to my porch with my Hyperion this morning, and locked the door.
The phone rang, I went back inside to answer the phone, left my computer on
the porch and it was gone when I went outside again.  Not more than 3 minutes
had elapsed.

The hyperion is 1 1/2 year's old with a recent (last january Rev 5) update.
If you know anything, or notice any one using an obviously used hyperion,
please contact me at:
			utzoo!isis   (net mail)

			Bill McLean
 54 Major Street #1
Toronto, Ontario
(W) 965-0981	(H) 964-1983

My work depends on the return of this machine.

Many thanks for any help given (Also $100 reward if the information results in
the return of the machine)