[advising] Interesting advising?

phyllis (06/18/82)

I received the below mail this morning, and I checked out Peter's
rogue.save game, and it behaved exactly as described.  While I have
been kicked-out of my fair share of games, I have NEVER received
the message he describes.  Has anyone else?

>From fetter Fri Jun 18 11:28:10 1982
i was playing rogue on levlelel 9 htithis morning when something
very stanrrange happened.  i got to hethe end of a blind corridor,
searched f, found a door and got , fot gogot the message "Can't fing mosnnster in sohow",
and the game aquit.  i called rogue.save, it returned the game and
i tried several hinthings includeing hurling an arrow at the door.
this action caused a Gnome to appear inside the room, the arrow
to appear on the floor of he the fcorridotr and the same message to reappear, the same message to reappear,
and the game to qiuit.  when i try to call the rogue.samve, i get the message
and the game quits without starting.  is this a butg, i hope?

laura (06/19/82)

This is a known bug which means that the monster initialization part of
rogue has bombed.  Basically, when a monster is encountered (ie at the end
of the corridor), the program looks for the monster in its monster table and 
finds that is doesnt exist.  Such games usually have other problems and should
be quitted early.  Other symptoms of this problem include monsters in reverse
video, or items (scrolls and potions) which when picked up are called
'Something Bizzare'.

toad terrific