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C70:arms-d (05/17/82)

>From HGA@MIT-MC Sun May 16 23:04:09 1982

Arms-Discussion Digest                            Volume 0 : Issue 108

Today's Topics:
                          Fallout decay rate
                       Orbital basing of the MX
                        Afghanistan resistance

Date: 16 May 1982 1054-PDT
From: Herb Lin <LIN at WASHINGTON>
Subject: Re: Arms-Discussion Digest V0 #107

According to J. Carson Mark (former scientific director of Los
Alamos), fallout radiation rate decays as t^-1.2.


Date: 16 May 82 18:13:17 EDT  (Sun)
From: Steve Bellovin <smb.unc@UDel-Relay>
Subject: orbital basing of the MX

According to a feature on tonight's "All Things Considered", warhead
would be recalled by disarming by remote control, and having them
re-enter in a "lagoon".  The proponents feel that there is almost no
chance of accidental detonation during this process.


Date:     16 May 82 23:31:07-EDT (Sun)
From:     J C Pistritto <jcp@BRL>
Subject:  Re:  Arms-Discussion Digest V0 #107

Afghanistan resistance:

	I disagree with the statement that the Soviets are not
attempting to completely wipe out Afghan resistance.  Recent data
seems to indicate that the Soviets are becoming increasingly reliant
on chemical weapons, as well as more conventional techniques such as
helicopter gunships and land mines, in their efforts to wipe out the

	The major deciding factor in how hard the Russians are trying
seems to be the level of casualties they are willing to suffer.
Recent newspaper articles keep referring to scattered unrest in Soviet
cities, (food riots, etc., which a continuing flow of bodies from
Afghanistan would not help).  Soviet casualties continue to mount at
an alarming rate, and hence the Russians are using ever more
devestating weapons to pacify the Afghans.

	In one recent encounter, it was said that several thousand
Afghans, comprising roughly the entire population of a town Northwest
of Kabul were exterminated via chemical means.  (This was briefly
reported on BBC World Service, which I listen to daily, and in one or
two American paper, but it was definitely back page stuff).



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