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Arms-Discussion Digest                            Volume 1 : Issue 6

Today's Topics:
Strategic nuclear weapons discussions with the Soviets


Date: 11 Mar 1983 1046-PST
Subject: Strategic nuclear weapons
To:   arms-d at MC

In two weeks there will be a meeting of senior experts in arms control
from many disciplines in the presence of a number of foundation directors
who are interested in funding work in this area
to address the questions:  Why are we "stuck" in our strategic nuclear
weapons discussions with the Soviets?  How can we get "unstuck?"
The experts come from technical, social, legal, moral, 
historical, and government expertise.
I am one sponsor of that meeting.  I would welcome comments from
this list on the above topics as a contribution the meeting.

(Please no discussion of who the experts are, how were they selected,
 can I come, etc.  This is an opportunity to contribute
to the substance.)

One of the ground rules of the meeting is that it is not a place
for "advocacy" or "polemics."  Thus comments of the form, 
 "we should do ....", or "obviously it's all the ....'s fault"
are out of court.

Replies either to me or the list.
Thanks; --david--.

[Moderator's comment - I thought this of sufficient interest to
send it out immediately. 

Dave C]

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