[fa.arms-d] Nuclear War as global Pac Man

arms-d (03/22/83)

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All the discussions and subtle strategies about newculeer weapons seem to
appeal to the Pac Man mentality in many people. It is easy to get sucked 
into these discussions but I think that in this direction lies the Big
Bang. The strength of the USA lies not in hardware but the courage of its
people (excuse the flag waving). 

As long as the administration claims that we are weaker than the Soviet
Union and we must wait to find out "what about the Russians" and "you can't
trust the Russians" we are in a position of weakness. It is the job of
our negotiators to get the negotiations "unstuck" if they are stuck. I 
recommend to your reading the book "Getting to Yes" by Roger Fisher et al.
To paraphrase Lincoln, "The country is about as strong as we the people 
make up our minds it is." Get invlolved.