[isu.market] IBM Hardware/Software for sale

jdwhite@iastate.edu (Jason White) (06/15/91)

For Sale:
SuperVGA Card w/512K (Brand NEW!) - $200
     - Expandable to 1 Meg
     - Supports Interlaced and Non-interlaces monitors
     - Trident chip set.
     - 16-bit card with DB-15 connector
     - Software drivers for most major software packages
		-AutoCAD		-WordStar
		-Autoshade		-MS Windows
		-Lotus 1-2-3		-P-CAD
		-Symphony		-CADKEY
		-Framework		-VersaCAD
		-GEM Desktop		-Presentation Manager
		-Ventura Publisher	-MS Word
     - Works with Multisync and PS/2 monitors

Logitech BUS Mouse (Does not use a COM port) - $75

Also the following software:

PCTools Deluxe V5 (5.25" & 3.5" disks) - $20
Microsoft Works V1.05 (5.25" & 3.5" disks) - $25

All items come with complete original documentation and disks and are in good
working order.  I will pay shipping vis UPS.

Jason White // jdwhite@iastate.edu // "Get bent!" - Bart Simpson