[biz.sco.opendesktop] mailbox permissions

osvaldo@sos.com (Osvaldo Gold) (05/23/91)

I'm running ODT 1.1 with sendmail.  The permissions of the system mailbox
files in /usr/spool/mail are something like:

-rw-rw----  1 osvaldo   mail     0 May 22 08:30 osvaldo

Sometimes, out of the blue, the permissions get changed to 0600, i.e.:

-rw-------  1 osvaldo   mail     0 May 22 08:30 osvaldo

and when mail attempts to deliver a message, it fails silently. i.e. I see
in the uucp logs that the messages are received by my system but the messages
don't end up in my mailbox nor anywhere else.

Has anybody seen this?

Osvaldo Gold                       osvaldo@sos.com
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