[biz.sco.opendesktop] dBase tools beta testers needed

mpd@anomaly.sbs.com (Michael P. Deignan) (06/22/91)

I'm putting the finishing touches of a set of system libraries which will
allow users to develop C programs which access dBase III, IV, and Foxbase
.DBF, .DBT, and .NDX/.IDX file structures. This allows developers to build
programs around an already existing database system, without the necessity
of converting the database structure over to another format. Plus, it allows
users to access the databases with the popular software front-ends, yet
critical-speed update/retrieval applications can be written in C. 

Anyway, I need several beta testers for this product, in both the XENIX and
UNIX/ODT environments. If you are interested in assisting in the test period,
contact me at: "anomaly!mpd@quahog.ssd.ray.com". I will be sending out a
qualification questionairre, and be selecting test sites thereafter. Test 
sites will receive a free copy of the product as compensation for their
test efforts.

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