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eah@xenitec.on.ca (Ed Hew happily using ksh) (06/29/91)

Oringinally_Posted:  Fri May 10 00:18:50 1991

        Evolution of SCO newsgroups and Mailing Lists
   Many readers have had the opportunity to obtain and contribute
   useful information on SCOs Open Desktop over the past year through
   the USENET newsgroup sco.opendesktop or it's companion mailing list.
   With the increasing demand for accessibility to this newsgroup and
   a need for additional SCO newsgroups, many current contributors
   including those who have been active in circulating SCO related
   newsgroups and mailing lists have felt that the readership would
   be best served by creating a biz.sco.* hierarchy to improve
   propagation (and hence availability) worldwide.

   biz.sco.{opendesktop,general,announce} were newgrouped May 1, 1991
   in accordance with accepted proceedure within "biz".  Given the
   content, this change relocates the "opendesktop" newsgroup to a
   more proper place within the established usenet news hierarchy
   and adds the new "announce" and "general" groups.
   Subject to the USENET hierarchies carried by your upstream feed,
   you are now able to subscribe to the following:
        Newsgroup               mailing list subscription
        ---------               -------------------------
   biz.sco.opendesktop          scoodt-request@xenitec.on.ca
   biz.sco.general              sco-list-request@uunet.uu.net 
   biz.sco.announce             scoann-request@xenitec.on.ca
   All 3 newsgroups are bi-directionally gated to companion mailing
   lists, so anyone not having access to NEWS but who does have a
   USENET mail feed can still participate fully using email.
   Mailing list subscribers should send their request to the
   appropriate "mailing list subscription" address above,
   including in the message body:
	Add: subscriber_address		-eg-
	Add: your_logname@site.do.main  -or-
	Add: up!stream!yoursite!your_logname
   Inclusion of an alternative working bang-path relative to a well
   know major functional site might prove beneficial.  Mailing list
   subscribers generally receive "how to post to the mlist" article
   submission information when their request is processed.

   [note that mlist subscriptions are free, subject to whatever
   arrangements you may have with the site(s) feeding you].

   What's in the newsgroups/mailing_lists:
   biz.sco.opendesktop: Technical questions and answers and informative
                        postings relating to past, present, and future
                        implementations of the SCO OpenDeskTop operating
                        environment and it's various bundled components.
   biz.sco.general:     Questions, answers and comments on SCO products
                        in general, and of course resulting discussions.
   biz.sco.announce:    SCO product announcements of interest to current
                        and future users of SCO products, and to SCO
                        developers, resellers and distributors.
                        (moderated, followups directed to biz.sco.general).

  Ed. A. Hew,  <edhew@xenitec.on.ca>  ..!{watmath|lsuc}!xenitec!eah
  XeniTec Consulting Services, Kitchener, ON, Canada (519) 570-9848
  [biz.sco.{opendesktop,general,announce} newsgroup/mlists person.]