[sci.geo.meteorology] HDF & topography in contour plots

siili@finsun.csc.FI (Tero Siili) (06/27/91)

I have the following problem:

I am working on 2D weather modeling (mesoscale) and I have the surface topography included.  I have considered using the NCSA HDF library & format for data storage and HDF tools & software for visualization.  The data to be visualized is scattered data points and I would also need to display the topography in either the regular mesh data set or at least in the raster image.  How would one accomplish that?  By modifying the matrix containing the raster image data?  Has anyone been doing something similar so

mewhere (I'd prefer not to re-invent the wheel...)?  If I have 8-bit colour scale in the raster image, can I 'paint' some areas black or white by modifying the raster image dataset?

Tero Siili
Finnish Meteorological Institute