[ai.general] Joint Dept of AI/Cog Sci Seminar at Edinburgh on 10th May 1991

tw@aifh.ed.ac.uk (Toby Walsh) (05/08/91)

Joint Dept of AI and Cog Sci. seminar on Friday 10th May, at 2pm in the
HCRC seminar room, 4 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh.

                          Neil Tennant
                  Department of Philosophy, Arts,
     (and informal guest of Department of Computing Science)
                  Australian National University.

    "Computational logic, proof theory and cognitive science"

After discussing the role of computational logic in cognitive science,
and especially complexity considerations concerning systems of
constructive and relevant reasoning, we describe proof-finding
algorithms for minimal logic.  These are based on natural deduction
techniques.  Various normal-form theorems in proof theory are used as
constraints on proof search.  The implementation is in Prolog.  Its
performance on hard problems will be described.  The work on minimal
logic is in preparation for work intended on the author's system of
intuitionistic relevant logic.  The computational considerations
in favour of the latter can be added to the philosophical and
metamathematical considerations advanced in `Anti-Realism and Logic'
(OUP, 1987) to strengthen the case for IR being the right logic.

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