[ai.general] Late breaking announcement: Planning Seminar at Dept of AI, Edinburgh, 28 May

tw@aifh.ed.ac.uk (toby) (05/28/91)

AI Departmental Seminar at 2pm, 28 May in F10, 80 South Bridge.

             "Towards a Theory of Simultaneous Actions"
                            Gerd Grosse
                           FG Intellektik
                            TH Darmstadt

We will lay down a model of concurrency for planning purposes. The
model will be expressive enough for representing real simultaneity
of primitive actions without getting too complicated for the plan
synthesis process, The model will be described in detail and its use
in respect to the synthesis of terminating plans is demonstrated in
an example. 

[The venue (but not the time) for this seminar might possibly change.
 I'll post news of any such change by 12 noon on 28th. ]

For more information about this or future seminars please contact
Toby Walsh <T.Walsh@ed.ac.uk> at Dept of AI.
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