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ospwd@mathcs.emory.edu (Peter Day {EUCC}) (05/01/91)

In my article <7407@emory.mathcs.emory.edu> I write:

 > I would like my menu program to run automatically after ProDOS
 > loads. How can I arrange this? I have an Apple IIGS.

 I want to thank everyone who responded. Here is how I did it
 with information from the responders and some experimenting. I was
 booting from a Vulcan 20 meg drive on which is installed GS/OS.
 I changed the name of the file ProDOS in the root directory to
 "Finder", since running it caused GS/OS and the Desktop to load. I
 copied ProDOS from a ProDOS-only diskette to the root. With that
 change, GS/OS did not load, and another file, AEPC.SYSTEM
 automatically ran at boot. I removed both BASIC.SYSTEM AND
 AEPC.SYSTEM, then put them back on, Basic first. I reasoned that
 a file was given the first available directory slot, and it seemed
 to work. Now BASIC.SYSTEM ran at boot. My menu program was already
 named STARTUP, so it was immediately run by Basic. One of the menu
 options ("Run Finder") runs the file I named Finder, which loads
 GS/OS and the desktop.

In the following I have in many cases only quoted portions of the
answer I received.

From daveh@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu Mon Apr 29 10:32:20 1991

OK, are you booting into GS/OS or Prodos 8? If you're booting into P8,
your menu program has to be a P8 program or a AppleSoft BASIC program.
If it's a P8 program, just name it so that it ends in ".SYSTEM" and
make it the first file after PRODOS in your volume directory. If it's
a BASIC program, you need to make BASIC.SYSTEM the first file after
PRODOS and rename your menu program to STARTUP.

If you're booting into GS/OS, your menu program can be a GS/OS, P8 or
BASIC program. If it's a P8 or BASIC program, just follow the same
instructions as above, and make sure that there's a file called P8 in
your System subdirectory. If it's a GS/OS program, name it so that it
ends in ".SYS16" and put it right after PRODOS.

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From daveh@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu Mon Apr 29 17:29:01 1991

You need to rename or remove the START program from the SYSTEM
subdirectory, since that'll be loaded before any .SYSTEM files. If you
double click on BASIC.SYSTEM and type "CAT" you'll get a listing of
the files and you can tell which one comes first.

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From brownfld@mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu Mon Apr 29 17:39:45 1991

     What makes GS/OS different from ProDOS is that instead of Prodos 8 being
loaded via the PRODOS file, a GS/OS startup routine is put in a much smaller
PRODOS file for GS/OS.  Thus, if you _move_ the GS/OS ProDOS file to a
different directory or rename it, and then put the ProDOS 8 executable as
PRODOS in the root directory, it will boot up under ProDOS 8, and then run the
first .SYSTEM file in the directory table.  To go into GS/OS after booting,
just execute the renamed or relocated GS/OS PRODOS file.  If that doesn't make
sense, be sure to tell me!
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From dmag@bug.engin.umich.edu Mon Apr 29 21:47:35 1991

  Ok, a fast description of how ProDos works:
1) a prodos formatted disk has a tiny program to load prodos.  W/o this, you
get the err **unable to load prodos**
2) prodos gets loaded, then looks in the main directory of the disk, starting
from the top.  It looks for the first file whos type is SYS and name ends
in .SYSTEM  .. It will load and run that program.  If that file is BASIC.SYSTEM,
basic will be run, and Basic will look for a BAS type program named STARTUP.
There is no error if the file is not there. 
  SO: if you have a basic menu program, name it STARTUP, and put PRODOS +
BASIC.SYSTEM on the disk.  If it's a SYS file, you only need it and PRODOS
on your disk.
  Reccomendations: 1) EasyDrive from Q-Labs (for Hard drive owners) -Comes
with utilities  2) Bird's Better Bye - Quit code replacement makes switching
between programs painless - Free w/ProDos Beagle Brothers programs. Also
Public domain versions. 3) a PD disk selector that allows you to select files
with a mouse or keys.
    Mail me if you want 2b) or 3)... -=Dan=-
 Hope this helps!!!
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