[alt.sys.amiga.demos] HELP! How to get DMS, TRAX,

mark@zach.fit.edu ( Mark R. Craig) (05/11/91)

Please help:

    I've downloaded a few demos (namely taipan and spherical) which are
in various "disk-masher" formats (dms, trax, lhwarp, etc) and try to un-mash
the demos.  The un-mashers don't give any error messages and seem to work
fine.  But, when the process is over, and I remove and insert the disk (as
the docs tell me to do) and try to do anything with the resulting disk, I 
find that it is generally "Not a DOS Disk" and DOES NOT BOOT.  It is pretty
discouraging to download these huge files only to find out that it won't
work no matter what you do!  I have successfully un-mashed BrunosMusicBox
(trax format) so I have a good idea that I'm doing it right.  But some of
the others, I just can't get anything.  BTW, my machine is an Amiga 2000
if that would have any bearing on it.  Also, I do specify "binary" on the
ftp and Xmodem transfers, so that's not the problem.  
     Thanks for your help.

Mark Craig

Mark R. Craig
Internet:  mark@zach.fit.edu
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