[comp.sources.reviewed] v01INF5: Status - Status of comp.sources.reviewed

Andrew Patrick <csr@calvin.doc.ca> (04/27/91)

Submitted-by: Andrew Patrick <csr@calvin.doc.ca>
Posting-number: Volume 1, Info 5
Archive-name: Status
Supersedes: Status: Volume 1, Info 3

This is a periodic posting to inform you of the status of
comp.sources.reviewed (CSR).

As of Friday April 26, there have been 4 submissions to CSR.  One
submission has been reviewed (taking 6 days), and was returned to the
author with a recommendation that it be revised.  The author has agreed
to the revisions, and is working on them.

One submission was returned to the author because it required
commercial software fonts that our reviewers did not have.  We
recommended that the author submit it to another sources group.

Two submissions are currently being reviewed.

Also, archives for CSR have been set-up on uunet.uu.net in
"/comp.sources.reviewed".  This will become the official archive
location for sources posted to CSR.

Finally, a document describing the Guidelines for Reviewers has been
posted recently.  This document will be used by the reviewers when
evaluating software, and will give you an idea of what we will be
looking for.  In addition, the Guidelines for Submissions has also been

        Andrew Patrick acting as Comp.Sources.Reviewed Moderator
              Department of Communications, Ottawa, CANADA