[uc.wanted] For Sale -- ImageWriter II

dburr@.berkeley.edu (Donald Burr) (04/12/91)

Disclaimer: This is NOT posted for me, but for a friend.  I am making no
            commission or otherwise profiting from the sale of the merchandise
            advertised herein. I serve as only the carrier of messages between
            the net and the party for whom this is being posted.  In light of
            the recent net.warning/net.flame directed at me, I am reluctant to
            post this, but was forced into this by my friend, who wants to
            sell his machine.

FOR SALE -- ImageWriter II

$270 or best offer

Owned for 1/2 year
Includes manual, box, original packing, receipt, warranty, one colour ribbon,
four regular ribbons

Comes with cable set for Mac +, SE, Classic, SE/30, II, IIx, IIcx, IIci,
IIfx, LC, IIsi, Portable

Non-networked (i.e. no AppleTalk card installed)

Hardly used, in good condition.

Please reply to "Jae H. Kim" through this address, since he has no E-Mail.
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