[uc.wanted] Star Trek VII: The Search for Font

dburr@headcrash.berkeley.edu (Donald Burr) (04/13/91)

I'm looking for fonts for the Apple Macintosh, in either TrueType format
(preferred), bitmap, PostScript (must be ATM-compatible and include bitmap
and AFM if possible), or whatever.               

The type of font I'm looking for is the Next Generation "logo" font (i.e.
the font that is used for the main "STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION" title    
sequence; the triangular-shaped, slanted one).  Alternatively, I'm also 
looking for the font that the old "STAR TREK" title (in the TV series) used;
that sort-of slanting font.  Also, if at all possible, I'd like the font
used in the movies -- both for the title lettering and for lettering
on the Enterprise (hull registry, internal markings, etc.)

Pointers to FTP sites or list servers would be great; mailed BinHexed
files would be even better. :)

I will summarize responses to the Net, and will gladly mail BinHexed copies
to whoever is interested.

Please EMAIL all replies!  My addresses are below.

Thank you for the help!
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