[uc.wanted] For Sale -- ImageWriter I

dburr@ocf.berkeley.edu (Donald Burr) (05/05/91)

#include <std.disclaimer.h>

Yes I am the infamous dburr@ocf.berkeley.edu a la the Michael Yee affair.
I made a LOT of foolish and stupid mistakes during this time, and was majorly
flamed, rebuked, etc. for it, and vow never to repeat this horrendous error
again.  Flame me if you wish, but from now on, I'm not making any more
bad deals.

/* end disclaimer */

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I find myself needing to get rid of my old ImageWriter I, in favour of a
DeskWriter.  The printer is in fair condition (yes, it has a few scratches,
but considering as it's 3 years old, that can be understandable.)  I've had
it since my Apple II days, and have used it with both Apple II and Macintosh.
It has performed flawlessly, and has never needed to be taken in for ser-
vice or anything.  It includes cables for hooking it up to an Apple IIc
and a Macintosh (the macintosh cable's kinda kludged; it's a modem cable
with a null-modem adaptor stuck on the end, but hey, it works :) ).
Sorry, can't include the original box, because it got lost during moving
a year or so back.  I'll even throw in a half-full (oh, I'd say about
500 sheets worth(?) of paper.

I'm hoping to get $100 for this, but I'm probably foolish in thinking so.
However I won't take anything below $50.

I can try to deliver to you, if you're in the Berkeley/Oakland area,
so seeing as how I can't drive (I'm legally blind), I can't deliver elsewhere
without considerable trouble.  It's perfectly OK if you wish to come
pick it up though.

To those outside the Bay Area, I will be willing to pay for shipping.

To summarize: ImageWriter I, works great, in fair condition (a few scratches),
comes with cables for Apple IIC and Macintosh, and everything else except
original box (got lost), and around 500 sheets of paper: $100 or best
offer, not to go below $50

Serious offers to dburr@ocf.berkeley.edu or 72540.3071@compuserve.com
or any of the other myriad addresses below...

Or if you're in the Bay Area, call me at (415) 643-1784.. leave a message
if I'm not in... thanx
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choudhry@eng.umd.edu (Zafar Ullah Choudhry) (05/12/91)

	I have following commodore stuff.

1. Commodre 128.
	- original box and manuals
	- power supply
	- excellent condition

2. Commodore 64
	- original box and manuals
	- power supply
	- perfect condition

3. Commodore Disk Drive
	- original box and manuals
	- original condition
4. Commodore Software
	- Trivia Fever
	- Fleet System 2 (Word Processor)
	- Sargon II (games)
	- All in original manauals

Give me an offer. 

Email: choudhry@bagend.eng.umd.edu