[phl.forsale] Scanner and Printer for sale

majewski@brahms.udel.edu (Kathleen Majewski) (05/07/91)

 I have a HP Scanner for sale, only used about 10 times or so, excellent condition, will do up to 300dpi, 16 levels grayscale. Will work with both IBM and
compatibles, or Macintosh computers. I have the SCSI connection for the Mac.
It is a flatbed scanner, images can be enlarged or reduced. Asking $500.00

Also, I have a Brother 1709 Dot mattrix printer, used about 6 times, does
bold, NLQ, graphics and draft mode. Excellent condition, works with IBM's and
compatibles. Asking $125.00, you pay shipping if mailed.

Please call Kathy 302-451-8895 day or 301-398-4890 even. or email me with
any questions you may have.