[soc.culture.soviet] CFV: soc.culture.europe

hellmond@phoenix.princeton.edu (Peter H. Hellmonds) (03/31/91)


After a lenghty discussion period, I herewith bring the proposal 
for the creation of this newsgroup to a vote:

The voting period shall be from March 31 to April 28, 1991. Votes 
shall be e-mailed to my address or as a reply to this posting, but not
if posted in a newsgroup. Please follow the voting instructions at the
end of the section explaining the newsgroup's purpose.

Name:		 soc.culture.europe

Moderation:	 none

Goals:		 to discuss all aspects of an all-European nature,
		 such as:

		 - languages spoken
		 - cultural interaction
		 - travel information
		 - news from European capitals
		 - cultural events (theatre, museums, movies, tv)
		 - politics relating to all of Europe, such as:
			- the European Communities
			- the European Free Trade Association
			- the European Economic Space
			- Eastern Europe's re-integration with the west
			- Europe after the `cold war'
			- new European security structure
			- the `common European house' and alternative
			- the `European pillar in the Alliance' (NATO)
			- Europe's role in international affairs
		- and much more . . .

Language(s):	 all European languages should be accepted, but
                 preference might be given to languages which are
		 more widely understood.

Distribution:	 Worldwide.

As an added benefit, the soc.culture.europe would be able to provide a
forum also to those European countries currently without their own
newsgroup. Further, crosspostings with European content could be
restricted to go to s.c.e, instead being crossposted to all European
newsgroups, thus reducing overall net.jamming.



                 VOTING PROCEDURE:
         Please respond unambiguously to 


         in the following form: 

         Include in the subject header or in the text

	 YES - soc.culture.europe	-- if you are in favor 
	 NO  - soc.culture.europe	-- if you are against

Any other form will be rejected, except if it is fully clear that it
is intended to be an unambiguous vote as described above. Please respond
only once to this and the following calls for a vote. I will post mass-
acknowledgements if possible.

Thank you.

Peter H. Hellmonds
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