[sci.geo.geology] Free Cray Time

deboni@fernando.llnl.gov (Tom DeBoni) (04/10/91)

                  The Sisal Scientific Computing Initiative

                       Contacts: John Feo and Dave Cann

The Computing Research Group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
announces the Sisal Scientific Computing Initiative (SSCI).  The Initiative
will award free Cray X-MP time and support to researchers willing to develop
their applications in SISAL, a functional language for parallel numerical
computation.  Members of the Computing Research Group will provide free
educational material, training, consulting, and user services.

SSCI is an outgrowth of the Sisal Language Project, a collaborative
effort by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Colorado State
University and funded in part by the Office of Energy Research (Department
of Energy), U.S. Army Research Office, and LLNL. SISAL provides a clean
and natural medium for expressing machine independent, determinate, parallel 
programs. The cost of writing, debugging, and maintaining parallel 
applications in SISAL is equivalent to the cost of writing, debugging, and 
maintaining sequential applications in Fortran.  Moreover, the same SISAL 
program will run, without change, on any parallel machine supporting SISAL 
software.  Recent SISAL compiler developments for the Alliant FX/80, Cray X-MP,
and other shared memory machines have resulted in SISAL applications that run 
faster than Fortran equivalents compiled using automatic concurrentizing and 
vectorizing tools.

Interested participants should submit a 1-2 page proposal by
June 1, 1991 to

      Computing Research Group, L-306
      Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
      P.O. Box 808
      Livermore, CA  94450

Proposals should describe the research and explain how the work will benefit
from parallel execution on a Cray X-MP.  We will announce accepted proposals
by July 1, 1991.  For more information about the Sisal Scientific Computing
Initiative please contact John Feo (feo@lll-crg.llnl.gov) at (415) 422-6389
or Dave Cann (cann@lll-crg.llnl.gov) at (415) 423-7875.  We look forward to
hearing from you.