[sci.geo.geology] 2nd RFD: sci.archaeology

vgibbs@NMSU.Edu (04/10/91)

***************** REFRESHED CALL FOR DISCUSSION **************************

I'd like to continue discussion on establishing a new newsgroup to
address archaeology in its many aspects.  This is being done to
refresh people's minds about this newsgroup.  An official call for
votes will be cast in one week (April 16, 1991).

Please note, the place to post replies or comments about the new group 
is to the newsgroup called 'news.groups'.

Name:    sci.archaeology

Type:    unmoderated


      1 )  To exchange information on various corcerns in 
           ARCHAEOLOGY, including method and theory, pot
           hunting, egyptology, typology, dating, and
           other related topics.
      2 )  To facilitate ongoing debates and comments on 
           ideas or research that may not necessarily be
           in a publishable form.

      3 )  To query other interested archaeologists about 
           resources which could be made generally available. 
           (e.g., programs, images, data, references, but not
           exact site locations)

      4 )  To keep each other informed on upcoming events of interest 
           to social science researchers and computing in the field 
           of archaeology.

If the discussion can come to a consensus by April 16, 1991 I'll be able
to issue a new call for votes for such a group.