[in.xpert] X Beginners Question: Problem with X Toolkit and HP

dhuber@aut.autelca.ascom.ch (Daniel Huber) (03/14/91)


I try to run xdf (X diskfree) which was posted to comp.sources.x 
some weeks ago.
Since I'm a X11 beginner, I've no idea how I could solve the following

aut:dhuber> xdf
xdf (panic): no filesystems specified
usage: xdf [ std_X_opts ] [ -update seconds ] filesystem ...
aut:dhuber> xdf /
X Toolkit Warning: Widget class RowCol version mismatch:
  widget 2002 vs. intrinsics 11003.
X Toolkit Error: Widget class RowCol must be re-compiled.

What means this Toolkit Error. How can I re-compile RowCol?

I'm working on a HP9000/835 and HP-UX 7.0, X11R3....



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