[in.xpert] Patchlevel 10 for Dirt UI Builder available on export for ftp

rlh2@ukc.ac.uk (R.L.Hesketh) (03/17/91)

I have placed the latest patch to my Dirt UI Builder on export.lcs.mit.edu
( for anon ftp under:


[ The full distribution is therefore now in contrib/dirt.A1.10.tar.Z ]

cd to just above the Dirt distribution directory and apply using "patch -p"

This patch adds or fixes:

The previous patched added the "architect" program.  Unfortunately this
had a bug in it .. a missing return from main().  Thanks to
Odd Einar Aurbakken <oea@ifi.uio.no> for spotting this.
Whilst trying to fix the bug I also updated the build sequence so
that the "architect" program is only run once and the results placed in
the dirt_site.def file.  This should speed the build slightly.

Jon Swanson <ccjon@sgisci1.ocis.olemiss.edu> found problems with the use
of function prototypes, so I went through the source with gcc and found
some incorrect use of typedefs.  Most of this patch fixes the use of the
typedefs and some of the warnings given by gcc.


There is a dirt-users mailing list which you can subscribe to by sending mail

The full Dirt distribution is available on expo.lcs.mit.edu and also on
ftp.Adelaide.EDU.AU ( under /pub/X/R4/contrib/dirt.*
There are probably other sites that shadow the contrib directory on expo,
I believe gatekeeper.dec.com may be one of them.  The dirt tar file on uunet
is way out of date and shouldn't really be there.

Richard Hesketh
Computing Officer, Computing Lab., University of Kent at Canterbury,
Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NF, United Kingdom.
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