[alt.sys.unisys] Need info on Sperry IT and 2nd disk drive.

rickt@wybbs.mi.org (Rick Tucker ) (06/24/91)

I need to know if it is possible to put a second hard drive
in a Sperry IT Model 3126-00    Intel 286.     SN: 001872
This machine is running SCO Xenix  Ver 2.2.1
It currently has a Miniscribe model 6053 full height drive.
I believe it is 40+ meg.     My questions are:

Recommended second drive.  40 or 80 meg    (if possible)

I noticed while prying this thing apart that the control cable from
the controller to the hard disk did not have a third connector
for a second drive.
However the controller did appear to have two 20 pin data cables 
connections,  I could not make out the controller type. (sorry)

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