[gnu.epoch.misc] Epoch on Apollo X11 R4?

root@ttsi.lonestar.org (System) (04/20/91)

I have epoch v3.2 on an Apollo 400T, SR10.3, with pskq2_91 (product
support kit for X11 R4) installed.  I built epoch with the X11 R4
includes and libraries.  Unfortunately it crashes the Xdomain
X server when I attempt to "remove-screen" on the second to last
screen.  Have any Apollo X11 R4 users run into this problem?  Is
there a workaround?  Would I be better off just using the X11 R4
MIT distribution?  I can manage without the interoperability with 
the Domain Display Manager (but hell I'd rather have it too).

If you have any ideas, I would greatly appreciate your help.
The Xdomain crash traceback shows:
Process        203 (parent 202, group 203)
Time           91/04/19.09:34(CST)
Program        /etc/Xdomain
Status         00040004: reference to illegal address (OS/MST manager)
In routine     "afbRestoreCursor" line 175
Called from    "monoBlockHandler" line 398
Called from    "BlockHandler" line 249
Called from    "WaitForSomething" line 204
Called from    "Dispatch" line 254
Called from    "main" line 269
Called from    "unix_$main" line 114
Called from    "_start" line 132
Called from    "PM_$CALL" line 176
Called from    "pgm_$load_run" line 903
Called from    "pgm_$invoke_uid_pn" line 1124

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