[bit.listserv.win3-l] C++, SDK, windows development

keating@rex.cs.tulane.edu (John W. Keating) (02/24/91)

SDG1@JSUCCVM1.BITNET (Scott Green) writes:

>According to this week's InfoWorld (18 Feb 1991), Borland's C++ version
>2.0 allows development of Windows 3.0 applications without having to
>purchase the Windows SDK.  C++ 2.0 was introduced last week.  The package
>lists for $495 and includes the Whitewater Resource Toolkit and Charles
>Petzold's _Programming_Windows_ book.

Does this mean that C++ includes a library of it's own for windows?  Can
the SDK still be used with it?  I'd hate to think that I bought that SDK
for nothing.  (For the curious, I found it cheap, and have been waiting
for a chance to do the same with MSC6  :^)

If anyone has had a chance to review the C++ package, give us a good review.
You'll have much thanks thrown your way.

John Keating
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