[ieee.general] IEEE.ORG "magic" aliases

nobody@ieee.org (The Bit Bucket) (05/09/91)

                        Special Addresses:

o Mail inquiring how to become a member of IEEE (for NON-Members only):

o Mail inquiring about the status of a pending membership application:

o Mail regarding lost publications or inquiring about the status of which
  publications you are registered for:

o Student Branch Coordinator:         <student-services@ieee.org>

o Standards Department:               <standards@ieee.org>

o Mail requesting Information:        <nisc@ieee.org>

Do *NOT* send mail to 'postmaster' asking how to contact "so-and-so"!,
or regarding what services are available.  Send such requests to
<nisc@ieee.org> which is a 'mailing-list' of our volunteers who can
answer such questions.  If you send such things to 'postmaster' or 'admin'
it just has to be re-forwarded to the list before it will receive