[ieee.general] IEEE POTENTIALS' existence verification sought

burt@ieee.org (Burt Juda) (05/10/91)

In article <6814@cactus.org> rdd@cactus.org (Robert Dorsett) writes:
 > I recently ran a CD-ROM literature search, which turned up a journal called
 > "IEEE Potentials."  I have thus far been unable to locate it.  If anyone
 > could verify whether it does, in fact, exist, please send email.  I suspect
 > the title may be an abbreviated form of another publication, but I haven't
 > been able to find any likely candidates.
 > The probable areas of specialization are software engineering or simulation-
 > based real-time modelling.

POTENTIALS is the magazine which all Student Members receive.

You can contact the Managing Editor simply as <potentials@ieee.org>.