[uw.grad] Tax Workshop for International Students

darren@watnow.waterloo.edu (Darren Meister) (04/04/91)

There will be a second tax workshop for international students held in NH 3004
			FRIDAY APRIL 12, 1991

from 10 am to 1 pm. The specific format will be posted in a few days to uw.gsa.
The representative will be from the International Taxation Office in Ottawa and
will be prepared to looke over your "completed" returns as well as answer
specific questions. Please e-mail darren@watnow if you plan to attend so that
space arrangements can be made.        

IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND, reply as the person from Ottawa is coming at significant
government expense and I don't feel that he should be if not enough ie. more
than 20 people are interested. If not enough people reply, I will cancel the
workshop and ask for a phone time to be set up.

Other people who would be interested are those you had income sources in more
than one country or the like.

Darren Meister                                  darren@watnow.waterloo.edu