[alt.desert-storm] Prompt Neutron Driven U238 Shaped Charge Bunker Buster for S. Hussein

enigma@neuro.usc.edu (02/04/91)

From: enigma@neuro.usc.edu
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In 1974 John McPhee published a series of interviews with Ted Taylor in
The Curve of Binding Energy.  This book contained conceptual descriptions
for many nuclear devices including a fission device pumped nuclear shaped
charge for instantly drilling tunnels through mountains.  While Hussein's
bunkers are supposed to be constructed withstand nearby omnidirectional
nuclear and thermonuclear device detonations, I rather strongly suspect
Dr. Taylor's proposal for a fission device primary pumping a more or less
passive U238 hollow cone shaped charge would easily penetrate and destroy
any of Hussein's currently known bunker designs.