[gnu.g++.announce] makefiles for g++

bmassey@tygart.cerc.wvu.wvnet.edu (James Brian Massey) (04/25/91)

   I have a program that I want to place in a multi-user environment that is 
written in c++.  I need to create a library out of this so it can be connected 
to a previously implemented blackboard which was coded in C, placed in a 
different directory. At this point I can create the library out of the c++ and
it is recognizable by the blackboard.  The problems I am having is that the 
library does not recognize a function call, the function being part of the 
blackboard, and all the compiling of the library I do on the command line,
which is very tedious. The c++ files are compiled using g++.

   Any examples of a makefile to create a library of C++ files compiled with 
g++ and suggestions on how to recognize a the function call within the library
contained in blackboard directory would be greatly appreciated.

                                   Thank You,
                                   Brian Massey