[gnu.g++.announce] GNU C++ 1.39.1

tiemann@CYGNUS.COM (Michael Tiemann) (05/16/91)

A kind newreader writes:

    In article <9105131013.AA20254@cygnus.com> you write:
    >GNU C++ version 1.39.1 is now available on prep.ai.mit.edu.
    >You can get it via anonymous ftp from ~ftp/pub/gnu/g++-1.39.tar.Z (a
    >compressed tar file).  You must set file transfer type to binary mode,
    >or the image you retrieve will be corrupted.

    Um, Mike, I think you mean ~ftp/pub/gnu/g++-1.39.1.tar.Z.

He is correct; I did mean ~ftp/pub/gnu/g++-1.39.1.tar.Z.  I hope this
does not cause too much confusion.