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Message number 1658 in "MUFONET"
Date: 06-08-91  21:25
From: David Dorsey
To:   All
Subj: New Publication

An international networking journal devoted to the exploration of:
    * electric and magnetic technology  * anti-gravity
    * atomic and space-time concepts    * harmonics and vibrations
    * energy transformation techniques  * natural phenomena
The ELECTRIC SPACECRAFT JOURNAL is a quarterly publication
specifically for those doing creative research and experiments in
the area of spacecraft technology and for those interested in the
subject.  The purpose of this publication is to make it possible
for individuals to communicate and cooperate both formally and
informally with each other in an effort to develop new technology
for spacecraft.  The Journal is an interactive platform for:
    * experiments                * direct observation of phenomena
    * documents                  * investigations
    * historical accounts        * new ideas and concepts
    * speculations               * interpretations and comments
P.O. BOX 18387, ASHEVILLE, NC 28814 704-252-8083 FAX 704-683-3511
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