[rec.food.restaurants] USENIX Poll: Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants near Dallas, TX

tower@buita.bu.edu (Leonard (Len) H. Tower Jr.) (01/05/91)

It's time to ask for a list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants around
Dallas, TX for those who are going to USENIX later this month.

Kinds of Food Served:
Price range:
Distance in miles from the hotel:
Distance in driving time from the hotel:
Distance in miles from UniForum:
Distance in driving time from UniForum:

Please e-mail suggestions to me, and I'll summarize the week before
the conference,

If there are any relevant regional newsgroups I've missed in Texas to
post this to, please do.

thanx -len 

PS: If anyone is aware of a Vegetarian Society in Dallas or Fort Worth
that might have a restaurant guide, let me know.