[rec.food.restaurants] Nashville, TN Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants for USENIX

tower@buita.bu.edu (Leonard (Len) H. Tower Jr.) (06/06/91)

I got information from:
	cctimar@athena.cas.vanderbilt.edu (Cary Timar)
	burgoyne@eng.umd.edu (John R. Burgoyne)
	wilkes@vuse.vanderbilt.edu (Mitch Wilkes)
Thanx, especially to Cary who sent most of the information below. 

Four entries in the list (*) were enhanced from the "1990-91 Guide
to Natural Food Restaurants in the U.S. and Canada" from the Editors
of VEGETARIAN TIMES.  Ordering and subscribing info from:
except in Illinois:	1-800-892-0753

Be sure to call ahead to make sure of the hours, prices, and get

Bahn Thai on Second Ave. South, 4(?) blocks south of Broadway.  Thai
food, with some reasonable vegetarian and seafood options.  About
$8-10.  Downtown.

The Club of Health Food, advertises Fast Free Delivery with a menu
that includes four "Vegetarian Plates": Humus, Baba Ganouj, Falafel,
and Greek Vegetables.  321-3040.  (the fast free delivery might not
extend to the Opryland area.)

* Country Life, 1917-19 Division St. near 20th Ave, Nashville, TN 37203.
615-327-3695.  Buffet style vegetarian.  Lunch Only.  Not expensive
(around $4).  Near Vanderbilt University.

* El Palenque, 4407 Nolensville Rd., Nashville, TN 37203.  615-832-9978
Mexican vegetarian with no lard.  South.

The Groceria on 21st Ave. S. at Blakemore/Wedgewood serves sandwiches
from maybe 10 to maybe 5 pm.

The Laughing Man, believed it was on Division Street, just off of West
End Avenue.  This is a downtown rest.  probably about 15 minutes
(because of the traffic - maybe 20) from the Opryland Hotel.  It was a
small, cozy place with very reasonable prices.  I hope that it's still
there and is as enjoyable to you and it was for me.  My favorite dish
was steamed vegetables on rice.  Really good stuff..."

Shalimar, just of Hillsboro Pike, just south of Green Hills Mall.
Best Indian food in town (not saying much).  Tiny place.  One-man
operation.  About $5-$8.

* Slice of Life Bakery and Restaraunt, 1811 Divison St. at 18th,
Nashville, TN 37203.  615-329-2525.  Fare varies from mexican to
macrobiotic to natural foods to fowl.  Serves wine.  A real
restaurant, where you can go with almost anyone.  Usually about
$8-$10.  Accepts Credit Cards.  Near Vanderbilt University.

Sunset Grill, on Belcourt, one block east of 21st Ave., near
Vanderbilt University, has several vegetarian dishes, marked as "good
for the heart", on a menu with meat et al entrees.  Expect to spend
about $20 here, plus wine.

The Sunshine Grocery has no seating, but it serves hot vegetarian
lunches from 11-2.  Belmont Ave. right at the I-440 (but there's no

Teete's, Belmont Ave. between Portland and Blair St., beside Belmont
College.  Open till 10 or 11, serves beer, sit down (but paper
plates).  Greek or Middle Eastern.  Usually $3 - $5.

* Windows on the Cumberland, 112 2nd Ave. north of Broadway, Nashville,
TN 37201.  615-244-7944.  Natural food deli with carry out service.
Open late.  About $3.  Cover charge if there's a band.  Downtown.

enjoy -len