[vmsnet.sysmgt] PostScript/LaserWriter II with a VAX

curtis@coral.bucknell.edu (01/04/91)

Could anyone offer some advice on connecting a Apple LaserWriter IINTX
to a Digital VAXStation 3100?  I have some maps that I'd like to print out
with the DECWindows PrintScreen Utility, but the Sixel graphics on the
LN03 Plus do not provide enough resolution.  I have transferred a PS file
to the Mac and printed it and it come sout fine, but the time involved
is large.  The VAXStation is connected to another just like it and a 
MicroVAX 3100 File Server.  There is an LN03 Plus connected to the MicroVAX,
too.  Please e-mail responses.  Thanks!

Mike Curtis                  curtis@coral.bucknell.edu