[vmsnet.sysmgt] Connecting an AS400 and uVAX using PSI

andrew@matai.vuw.ac.nz (05/30/91)

I'm posting this for a friend who doesn't have access to Usenet. Could you
please send any replies to me (see signature at bottom).
            Andrew Greer
We have a requirement to do the following:

Establish a dialup connection to a DEC MicroVAX using VAX P.S.I from an AS/400
with NPSI. The terminal attached to the AS/400 is, of course, block mode (3197
to be exact).

Basically what were looking for is a VAX P.S.I destination which will do
all of the conversion work OR a program to run on the AS/400 to make an X29
call and handle the protocol conversion for the duration of the call.

And yes we want ASCII-EBCDIC conversion built in.

Does anyone know of an application to do this - and it doesnt need to be a
commercial product, we'll be happy with any hack that works.

Wayne S.

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