[bit.listserv.dbase-l] From .EXE to a .BIN-file through EXE2BIN

daan@cwi.nl (Daan Otten) (01/07/91)


I have a probably little problem. To speed up parts of my
Dbase IV v1.1 application I want to replace these parts by faster
equivalents written in C and compiled with MicroSoft C v4.0. 
To load these parts by the Dbase's LOAD-command, the executables of
the C-programs have to be transformed in .bin-files. However, EXE2BIN
complains that it cannot do it.

My problem is that I know the requirements to make a .bin-file (about
000H starting address, the pointers and segments) but I cannot
translate these to the proper changes in my C-programs or
MSC-compiler options (e.g. using the /A option).

Has someone experiences with making .bin-files from C-programs
compiles with the MSC-compiler?
Thanks in advance.

Daan Otten
email: daan@cwi.nl