[bit.listserv.dbase-l] Printing on PostScript printers.

oddinge@stud.cs.uit.no (Odd-Inge Larsen) (05/02/91)

Hello world.  I would like to know how other people are adressing the problem
of printing on a PostScript printer from a self made database program.
I am using CLIPPER and have managed this by making my own function.  It works this way:


If the printer selected in the program is not a PostScript printer only the 
"line", "Column" and "text" parameters are used in an ordinary "@ .. SAY .."
sentence.  In adition I have made a "Box" and a "Line" function.

I would like to know if anybody out there has any better solutions to this?

Please answer either by E-mail or post to "comp.databases" or "bit.listserv.dbase-l".

  Odd-Inge Larsen              UNIVERSITY of TROMSOE                   NORWAY
                           email: oddinge@stud.cs.uit.no