[uiuc.tex] "Diff" markings for latex documents.

opdyke@cassius.cs.uiuc.edu (William F. Opdyke) (11/17/90)

I'm using latex on a research paper, and I'd like to be able to generate drafts
where there is a side bar as a "diff" marking, to highlight changes or additions
from a previous version of the paper.  If you are aware of a tool / approach for
doing this, please forward the information to me or post a reply.

Thanks in advance for responding.

Bill Opdyke

gornish@sp1.csrd.uiuc.edu (Edward H. Gornish) (11/19/90)

Look at the \marginpar command.  This might help.
Eddie Gornish
University of Illinois - Center for Supercomputing research & Development

ARPANET: gornish@csrd.uiuc.edu

johnson@cs.uiuc.EDU (Ralph Johnson) (11/21/90)

I use \marginpar all the time to leave comments for myself
in the text.  However, I don't think that it will work at
all for what Bill wants.  He wants a *precise* marking of
the lines that changed.  \marginpar would be OK for a general
"something changed around here", but it isn't very precise.

Do the people who suggest \marginpar have any experience with
using it to draw bars, or are you just guessing?