[alt.desert-shield] CALL FOR DISCUSSION: rec.arts.tv.desert-shield

phillip@ocf.Berkeley.EDU (Phillip 'Edward' Nunez) (01/18/91)

This is the official CALL FOR DISCUSSION for a new newsgroup, 


The group has now been in existance for nearly half a year, and is one of
the top 3 news groups in overall postings (trailing only rec.arts.startrek
and alt.sex in today's article account).  This group is as long lived as
Twin Peaks was when the oh-so-close vote failed.  We need to move it to
the rec hierarchy where it can get better propogation.

Rec.arts.tv is the correct hierarchy for this COOL(tm) newsgroup
because showing the war on tv is truly an art.  I find some of
the visual's, such as the missiles heading in to Iraq more stunning 
that some of the best moments in Twin Peaks.  I wasn't even
upset that the Flash was pre-empted this evening, although I hear
he was going to fight the two-headed giant racoon from Mars, which
would have been real neat.  The missiles were neater though.

Phillip Edward Nunez
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