[mail.sun-managers] 4/[34]90 does not support SCSI/SMD disk under 4.4.1!?!?!?!

ehrlich@psuvax1.cs.psu.edu (Dan Ehrlich) (11/29/90)

While purusing the 4.1.1 release notes I came across the following on page 4:

"Sun's SPARCserver 390 and SPARCserver 490 systems support only IPI disks.
 The SPARCserver 470 and SPARCstation 470 support both IPI and SCSI disks.
 No other Sun systems support IPI disks."

This leads me to wonder:

1) Does this mean that Sun has totaly abandoned the SMD line?
2) Is Sun offering trade ins for my old SMD disks?
3) Have they totally lost their minds?
4) Is it really true that I can not hook a SCSI disk to a 4/[34]90?
5) Has anyone with 4.1.1 tried hooking a SCSI disk up?
6) Can anyone tell me if this latest bogosity from Sun is for real?

I do not know about anyone else, but IPI drives are still a little pricey
for a poor university computer science department.
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