[mail.sun-managers] SCSI device cage for 4/490

ehrlich@psuvax1.cs.psu.edu (Dan Ehrlich) (12/05/90)

Not that I am fairly confident that we can actually put SCSI disks onto
our 4/490 and expect them to work under 4.1.1 I need to find out about
mounting hardware.  Inside the 4/490 is a cage that holds the 150Mb
1/4" tape drive.  We installed an Exabyte 8mm tape drive in the other
opening.  What I would like to do is just buy another one of these to
install the SCSI disks in.  So, I look at the back of the cage and find
"Assembly part no. 540-1865" on the back.  Looking through my SunSpares
price list I can not find anything with this part number.  A call to
the Sun sales office also results in zilch.

Can someone in the know tell me if I can even do what I propose?  If
not, would someone be able to affer an slternate solution?  Are there
third parties that provide the mounting hardware I am looking for?  Do
I need to buy another powe supply?

Any help would be appreciated.  I will summarize back to the list if it
is of intrest to others.

-- Dan Ehrlich
Dan Ehrlich - Sr. Systems Programmer - Penn State Computer Science
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