[comp.org.uniforum] October Unix Unanimous Meeting

peter@ontmoh.UUCP (Peter Renzland) (10/24/90)

[Since no one else appears to have done this so far, I offered to post
a notice this time and save Greg or Evan from the usual flames about
late postings.  It's getting cold and I just love flames. :-)  Most of
the following is a rebroadcast from Greg's September posting.]

The next meeting of UNIX Unanimous will take place Wednesday, October
24th, at 6:45pm (or so :-), in the Rose Room of the North York Memorial
Community Hall.

[The astute observer will have noticed that UU meetings are always on the
4th Wed of each month, at the same location:-]

[The really astute reader will have noticed my anticipatory newsgroups line:-]

We have not chosen a specific speaker, or topic.  In such cases we
usually just get into heated discussions about anything in general,
often religious issues relating to UNIX and programming.  :-)

Please bring your questions and ponderings, since I'm sure there will
be a big enough turnout that someone may know the answer, or will at
least want to discuss it to death!

(Note for the future....  If you have any suggestions about
interesting topics, and especially interesting speakers, please let us

(Don't forget the "real" meeting, after the meeting!)

HOW TO GET THERE:  (stolen, for the most part, from Evan's original
			posting, which, thankfully, I saved!)

The North York Memorial Community Hall is located on the bottom floor of
the new North York Main Library building, located next to North York
City Hall at the corner of Yonge Street and Park Home Avenue, about half
way between Sheppard and Finch.

---------------------------------------------+   +
    Park Home Avenue                       (traffic lights)
  +------------------------------------------+   +
B |          +-----------------------------+ | Y |    NORTH
e |          |       Library/Hotel/Office  | | o |    YORK
e |          |   X                         | | n |    CIVIC
c |   +----+ +---\-------------------------+ | g |    CENTRE
r |   |City|       Memorial Community Hall   | e |
o |   |Hall|       (bottom floor)            |   |     /|\
f |   |    |                                 |   |      |
t |   |    |     Mel Lastman Square          |   |      |
  |   +----+                                 |   |      |
  |          +-----------------------------+ |   |    North
  |          |   Board of Education        | |   |
  |          +-----------------------------+ |   |
  +------------------------------------------+   |
                                           (more traffic lights)
  +------------------------------------------+   |


Take the Yonge line to the new North York Centre station.  Take the
exit to the North York Civic Centre and that will take you into the
library/office/hotel building.  Walk down the long corridor - you're on
the same floor as the Memorial Hall.  Just before the turnoff to City
Hall you'll find the short hallway to the Memorial Hall on your left.

If you get outside, or if you start there, go into the far North-West
corner of Mel Lastman Square, and enter the doors adjacent the library
on the lower left.  The entrance to the Memorial Centre is dead ahead,
under a little red canopy, on the left side of the hall.

  - BY CAR:

The North York Civic Centre is less than a mile north of hwy401 on
Yonge St. at Park Home Ave.  There are parking meters (not patrolled
after 6pm) on the east side of Yonge and on Beecroft (parallel to
Yonge and behind the Centre).  There is a lot on the East side of
Yonge, 2 blocks or so south of Park Home, that seems to be no-charge
after 6:00 PM.  You can also try the small lot below the Board of
Education Bldg.  Note that many side streets are no parking, but there
should be plenty of spaces around.  There's also reasonably priced
underground parking in the Centre.

Peter Renzland @ Ontario Ministry of Health  416/964-9141  peter@ontmoh.UUCP
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