[comp.org.uniforum] WHEN is next UNIFORUM

peter@ontmoh.UUCP (Peter Renzland) (10/26/90)

inna@hpindda.cup.hp.com (Inna Lauris) writes:
> I am not sure if this appropriate group for my qestion, but it seems close
> enough. 
> We are trying to find when and where is the next UNIFORUM conference.
> It seems that it should be within a month or two from now. 
> We also need to find out the telephone number where we can call to get
> tickets to the show/technical talks.
> 			Thanks in advance
> 					Inna

comp.org.uniforum is the newsgroup,

contact info and dates follow, thanks to John Quarterman's regular posting
on Unix User Groups, Events, Standards, and Publications.

UniForum (formerly /usr/group) is a non-profit trade association dedicated 
to the promotion of products and services based on the UNIX operating system.

		2901 Tasman Drive
		Suite 201
		Santa, Clara, CA  95054
		tel: +1-408-986-8840
		fax: +1-408-986-1645

UniForum sponsors an annual conference and trade show which 
features vendor exhibits, as well as tutorials and technical sessions.

1991 Jan 21-24	UniForum	Infomart, Dallas, TX
1991 Apr 10-12  Standards W     w/IEEE, USENIX, EUUG (tentative)
1992 Jan 20-23	UniForum	Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
1993 Mar 15-18	UniForum	Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
1994 Feb 7-10	UniForum	Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX
1995 Mar 6-9	UniForum	Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX
1996 Mar 11-14	UniForum	Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
1997 Mar 10-13	UniForum	Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

Proceedings for all conferences are available at the shows and later
by mail.

UniForum publishes ``CommUNIXations,'' a member magazine that
features articles by industry leaders and observers, technical issues,
standards coverage, and new product announcements.

UniForum also publishes the ``UNIX Products Directory,'' which lists
products and services developed specifically for the UNIX operating system.
``UniNews'', formerly ``/usr/digest'', is also published by UniForum.  
This newsletter covers product announcements and industry projections, 
and is sent biweekly to General members of UniForum and to non-member 

UniForum has long been deeply involved in UNIX standardization,
having sponsored the ``/usr/group 1984 Standard,'' providing an Institutional
Representative to the IEEE P1003 Portable Operating System for Computer
Environments Committee, and sponsoring the UniForum Technical Committee
on areas that P1003 has not yet addressed. They publish the documents,
``Your Guide to POSIX,'' explaining what IEEE 1003 is,  ``POSIX Explored: 
System Interface,'' about technical aspects of IEEE 1003.1, and its relations 
to other standards and historical implementations, and ``POSIX Update: Shell 
and Utilities.'' They also funded production of a draft of a ``Rationale and
Notes'' appendix for IEEE 1003.1.

Peter Renzland @ Ontario Ministry of Health  416/964-9141  peter@ontmoh.UUCP
UniForum Canada Director          /* UFC office: 259-8122  usrgroup@utgpu */