[comp.org.uniforum] NeXT BOF at UNIFORUM

lindahl@arrisun3.utarl.edu (Charlie S. Lindahl) (01/16/91)

For those who might be interested, the Dallas/Ft Worth Area NeXT (DaNG)
user group is going to be doing a BOF for NEXT at our usual 
meeting place, in the Las Colinas Business Park at Bozell, Inc. This is a
BEAUTIFUL facility, with a projection-screen TV system plugged in; 
we have a B/W projection capability from the NeXT at every meeting! 

Anyway, Chris Bradley, another member on our Board of Directors, has 
been posting to comp.sys.next asking folks about interest levels in 
attending a BOF on the last (Thursday) nite of the conference. 

We HOPE to have a color NeXT on display, and we are currently working on 
getting ride/shuttle service (sponsored by our group or very cheep) to 
go between the convention center and our meeting place. 

Please EMAIL Chris Bradley at cbradley@busl.com if you have an interest
in attending. Or send to me (I'll forward to Chris as well).

If I get any responses to this posting, I'll keep this BBOARD up to date
on events (confirmation of a color NeXT and the ride situation). If 
I don't, then I WON'T keep this up to date. 

Charlie S. Lindahl
Automation and Robotics Research Institute
University of Texas at Arlington
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