[comp.org.uniforum] Attendance in Dallas to be way down?

taylor@limbo.Intuitive.Com (Dave Taylor) (01/17/91)

During lunch yesterday with a couple of people from Visix Corporation,
the subject of how the gulf crisis is affecting air travel, and travel
in general, arose.  They noted how their flight out from Boston had
been exceptionally empty, and that they had even heard a loose
recommendation from the gov't that air travel be avoided where possible
due to possible terrorist interruptions and activities.

Which leads me to wonder just how many people are going to cancel their
Usenix/UniForum attendance plans due to the impending war?  I plan on
being there myself, but if war actually breaks out, I might well end up

Anyone else?  What's the take on this in the community?

		still hoping for a peaceful solution...

						-- Dave Taylor
Intuitive Systems
Mountain View, California

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