[comp.org.uniforum] Need References on DES export limitations &c.

taylor@limbo.Intuitive.Com (Dave Taylor) (02/15/91)

I have heard many stories, apocryphal and otherwise, about exporting
the DES encryption algorithm, and other algorithms and source code
(i.e. implementations) outside of the United States, and would like
to get qualified references on this subject.

In fact, for a book I'm working on, I would like to get information
on both import and export limitations related to computer software
from any country in the world.  Institutions in the government that
regulate these limitations would be ideal contact points too.

Thanks greatly for any information you can offer; respond via
email only, please.

                                                -- Dave Taylor
Intuitive Systems
Mountain View, California

taylor@limbo.intuitive.com    or   {uunet!}{decwrl,apple}!limbo!taylor