[comp.org.uniforum] Canvassing for Board of Directors

ian@newsserver.sfu.ca (Ian Reddy) (06/25/91)

I recently received a cover letter (addressed "Dear UniForum Member"),
Statement of Purpose, and biography from the Open Software Foundation
urging me to vote for Clarice Marie Burch, Director of International
Operations for OSF, to the UniForum Board of Directors.

The letter was signed by David Tory, President & CEO of the OSF.

The cover letter claims that "UniForum, as represented by its Board of
Directors, should continue to expand to represent the entirety of the
computer industry" and that my "vote for Marie will be an investment in
the future of open systems through UniForum."

The Statement of Purpose says that Marie's "background in technology,
UNIX systems, and the broader Open Systems techologies coupled with the
influence of OSF, will enhance the focus for Uniforum as we expand
worldwide services."

The question is this: Is this normal procedure? Ie. To have a corporation
directly contact members of UniForum and encourage them to elect an
employee of the corporation to the UniForum Board of Directors?

Please notice that I'm not flaming here...just wondering if this is
allowed/ethical practice or not.

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